If you are experiencing clogged drains and sewer lines and can’t seem to figure out why, you are not alone. Homeowners across the nation experience this common plumbing problem and struggle to find the root of the issue. Well, that’s just it — roots!

Over time, roots can sneak into your underground pipes and prevent the proper flow of water. Paired with natural corrosion over time and other build up of debris, this can seriously impact your sewage and plumbing lines throughout your home.

If you’re experiencing this problem, trust the professionals at Apex Plumbing Solutions in Danville to remove those pesky roots and keep your pipes running smoothly.

What Is Rooter Service?

The rooter machine has come a long way since its inception in the early 1900s. The initial versions were made using a washing machine motor, roller skate wheels and steel cable to stretch deep into clogged plumbing lines and knock around anything blogging the line.

Modern-day rooters follow the same premise in that they are extended through the drain to unclog it. They are far more sophisticated now, though, oftentimes spring-loaded, electric-powered and blade-fastened to quite literally carve through anything blocking the line. Make sure you hire an experienced professional from Apex Plumbing Solutions for this service to avoid any physical injury or further damage to your blocked pipes.

When You Need Rooter Service

A plumbing snake can be used throughout your house to clean blocked pipes of varying severity. Sometimes that’s as simple as removing accumulated debris from a garbage disposal or shower drain. Other times, though, the situation is far more complex. Regardless of how complex the blockage is, Apex Plumbing Solutions is available with our 24/7 emergency service.

Small, controlled blockage

If you notice your sink draining slower than usual, dishwasher leaving extra water after a wash, or shower struggling to empty, it’s likely your blocked drain is easy to control. These smaller blockages that are controlled to one appliance or fixture are oftentimes caused by one of the following:

  • Food debris stuck in dishwasher lines
  • Hair build-up clogging the shower drain
  • Soap scum impacting a sink’s drainage

Fortunately, these are often easy fixes for our plumbers to make. We can use our plumbing snakes to wind our way through your clogged pipes and get your drains back to normal.

Large, spreading blockage

These are the types of sewage backups that can cause serious problems for not only the appliance or fixture clogged, but also some of its surrounding appliances. If you notice one clog causing another backup in pipes nearby, you need to schedule your rooter service immediately. Examples of this include:

  • Your bathtub filling up with water when a nearby washing machine drains
  • Your toilet bubbling and overflowing after a shower
  • Your sink struggling to drain if the dishwasher is running

If not properly cared for, these types of blockages could have irreversible effects on your drainage pipes and other necessary functions of your home. More substantial, noticeable draining problems like these often need a rooter service to clear the way.

A root can make its way through the smallest of cracks in an underground pipe, especially if those pipes have not been replaced since your house was built. Once it’s in, it only gets worse. The root and any of its offshoots continue to grow larger and create a more severe blockage that requires significant cleaning.

That’s where modern-day rooters come into the equation. They are strong enough to cut through thick roots and can make their way through the entire length of the pipe to ensure a smooth flow of water.

Call A Professional Rooter Service

Our experience as plumbing professionals means we have seen it all. Even the most substantial blocked pipes have nothing on our plumbers who are dedicated to providing you with the expertise, customer service and satisfaction other plumbing companies can’t. 

Though it may seem tempting to ignore a small inconvenience like a slowly draining bathtub, or to try fixing larger blockages yourself, both decisions can make your problem worse. Reach out to us now and we’ll make sure your pipes are free from impediments and running like new!