The differences between commercial and residential plumbing oftentimes go unnoticed. This can be to the detriment of your business if you hire a plumbing company that strictly has experience in household repairs to repair or install the plumbing in a larger building.

Think about it this way —  you wouldn’t hire a homebuilder to build a skyscraper. Sure, the premise is the same, as both require similar skill sets. But the equipment used, energy spent and expertise needed are all vastly different between the two. The same goes for commercial plumbing when compared to residential plumbing.

At Apex Plumbing Solutions in Danville, we have a team of commercial plumbers prepared for the biggest plumbing jobs you need for your large plumbing system including schools, shopping centers, hospitals and office buildings. Don’t make the mistake of trusting a less experienced plumbing company with such a large investment; trust our team to get the job done accurately and efficiently.

Differences Between Commercial and Residential Plumbing

Like any specialties within a profession, there are many differences between residential and commercial plumbing that most people might not think of. These can have a drastic impact on the longevity of your plumbing system if not properly considered.


Commercial plumbing experts are the most skilled, trained plumbers in the industry in terms of installation and maintenance. With their hefty list of responsibilities, commercial plumbers have to be alert and attentive with everything they do. It’s natural that the more skilled and trained a plumber is in this sector of plumbing, the better they will be able to respond to unforeseen surprises bound to pop up during commercial plumbing installation.


While a residential plumber may very well have the experience to perform a plethora of household plumbing services, it’s almost certain that same plumber will not be able to handle what’s needed in commercial plumbing systems. 

Commercial plumbing is far more involved than fixing a leaky faucet and unclogging a pipe. These highly skilled professionals are expected to install and maintain toilets, water fountains, kitchen fixtures, sprinkler lines, and sewer lines, sometimes across dozens of floors of an office building or hospital. During new-builds, commercial plumbers can also be responsible for installing pipelines that allow for waste removal. The jobs are totally different, so make sure you hire commercial plumbing experts from Apex Plumbing Solutions for your commercial needs in and around Danville.


From both a size and time standpoint, commercial plumbers have far more responsibilities than a residential plumber. When servicing an entire shopping mall, school, or any other large structure, there are naturally more people depending on that service. Whereas an inadequate residential plumbing job can impact the immediate wellbeing of a family, the same mistake on a commercial job will have lasting impacts on the building and the people using it.

Commercial plumbers also have far less flexibility than residential in terms of timeframe. Unless it’s an emergency situation, household plumbers are more likely to have a lenient work schedule because they often have multiple jobs to work on. The same cannot be said when servicing larger buildings. If a commercial plumber is hired to complete a job within 24 hours, they must do so correctly in that timeframe to appease the needs of many people.

What Makes Apex Plumbing Solutions Special

Now that you understand the difference between residential and commercial plumbing and the impacts it can have on your large-scale project, what’s next? You won’t find a plumbing company more committed to its customers and their satisfaction than Apex Plumbing Solutions.

Not only are we a top-rated plumbing company by HomeAdvisor, we were the recipients of their Best of HomeAdvisor Award in 2017 and have been screened and approved by the company three consecutive years. How many other plumbing services can offer that kind of service, customer satisfaction, and industry-wide respect?

We pride ourselves on our history of excellence and are committed to continuing that tradition with your commercial plumbing needs. Whether you are looking for full plumbing installation in your brand new office building, service repairs in your local school, or any other large commercial plumbing projects, we are ready to assist. Contact us today for a free quote to start planning your project!