The Purpose of Plumbing

Plumbing is a system that conveys fluids. The term “plumbing” comes from the Latin word for lead, “plumbum.” As you might have guessed, the first effective pipes were made of lead. Plumbing is responsible for the function of many appliances we rely on in our homes everyday. Let’s take a look at some plumbing services from Apex Plumbing Solutions that will help you save money, conserve water, and keep your daily life flowing smoothly. If this list reminds you of a plumbing problem area in your home, give us a call or schedule online!

Common Plumbing Problems

Dripping Faucet

Is that a ghost in the bathroom? Nope, just a leaky faucet. If the “drip drip drip” in your sink isn’t driving you crazy, you have more patience than we do! While easy to ignore, a dripping faucet wastes water and your money by using water you don’t need. If your faucet is dripping once every 10 seconds, it’s wasting over 1.5 gallons of water every 48 hours!

Running Toilets

We hope your refrigerator’s running, but not your toilet! That all-too-familiar hiss that sticks around long after a flush indicates that water is continuously leaking from the toilet tank and into the bowl. Many small toilet leaks are remedied by a simple part replacement. Check out our post on fixing a running toilet to see if you can DIY the repair! If not, call the plumbing professionals at Apex Plumbing Solutions for a full-service fix.

Clogged Drains

Nothing kills your morning mood quite like a clogged bathroom sink. No one wants toothpaste blobs or soapy water hanging around as they get ready for the day. If you’re thinking about dumping a bottle of store-bought drain cleaner down the pipes to break up the clog, stop right there. Call a professional plumbing service like Apex Plumbing instead, and avoid unnecessary use of environmentally damaging chemicals.

Preventing most drain clogs is easy! Place a strainer in bathroom and kitchen sinks to catch hair, soap, and small food debris. If you brush your hair over the sink, consider running your hair through your hands to grab any loose hair and drop it in the trash can instead. The best drain maintenance practices keep anything that isn’t water or a beverage from going down the drain (unless you have a garbage disposal, of course).

Garbage Disposal Issues

We tackled garbage disposals in detail in a previous post. The most important thing to know: never stick your hand into the garbage disposal unit unless it is completely removed from any power source. If the system is not working properly, and you are not able to clear it with running water or an unjamming wrench, call Apex Plumbing Solutions! We can safely repair a malfunctioning garbage disposal or install a new one if repair is not possible.

Water Heater Failure

Cold shower people, this one isn’t for you. For the rest of us, a surprising shot of ice water is not our idea of a good time. If your water heater isn’t functioning, it’s time to call a plumber before everyone in the family is on day four of no showers. Apex Plumbing Solutions is happy to solve your water heater problems, so you can finish rinsing out that shampoo.

Find A Plumber You Trust

We understand that DIY fixes can feel like the best option. However, our job as plumbers is to keep your home water systems running smoothly so that you can do the things you are best at. When you hire a plumber from Apex Plumbing Solutions, you’re supporting local businesses and families and giving yourself more time to spend on yourself and those you love. For all your home plumbing needs, call Apex Plumbing in Danville!