The Process of Excavation

Before excavation can begin, a site must be chosen and inspected. We’ll work with you through consultations to choose the correct plot or determine how the foundation must be laid for your plot of choice. Whether you have a site picked out or you’re still looking, at some point in the process some inspections will have to be done in order to obtain the proper paperwork for building. If the site fails the necessary inspections, then we will work on finding a better site or filling out any conditions that would get the first site approved.

After we’ve gotten your chosen site ready to go, we’ll perform the initial over dig, making sure to leave more than enough space for your building. Once the site moves through planning and placement with the help of a surveyor, then we can begin the excavation in line with your needed foundation, making sure to construct all the trenches, wall shafts, tunneling and underground work you need done. Once we’ve done that, marking the boundaries of the building and constructing protection bunds and drains is all that remains before backfilling can begin.

Backfilling After Excavation

After we’ve dug out the parameters of your commercial or residential site, we start backfilling so that foundation-laying can begin. We’ll record the ground levels and make sure that all the material is suitable for backfilling and supporting your foundation. We’ll do this in layers, compacting the soil with machinery and water all along the way in order to achieve the density needed for your building’s foundation. The next step in your project will be building a foundation, and you can rest easy knowing you have solid excavation work supporting it.

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