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We can recommend comfortable and budget-friendly options if you need a portable toilet. Are you planning a large gathering and want to avoid overwhelming your indoor plumbing? We have your back with a temporary outdoor bathroom.

Our nearby Danville, KY, plumbers at Apex Plumbing Solutions maintain, repair, and install portable chemical toilets just like we care for indoor flush toilets. We are in business to improve comfort and safeguard your health.

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Why Would You Need a Portable Toilet?

  • You are planning a large gathering that could overwhelm your septic system.
  • A portable toilet at the annual neighborhood block party will accommodate everyone and free up private bathrooms.
  • Bathroom remodeling will leave you without access to your indoor facilities for several days. A temporary portable toilet allows you to stay home while the work progresses.
  • Your destination wedding to your family’s lakeside cottage will capture the romance of the beach. A portable toilet will accommodate the practical needs of guests.
  • You want employees to stay at their job site for restroom needs.
  • You want a long-term solution at a location where a septic system or municipal sewer system is unavailable.


What’s Inside a Portable Toilet?


Portable chemical toilets are light years beyond the iconic pit-style outhouse permanently installed in wilderness and rural areas.

You have probably seen portable toilets at events or construction sites in Danville, KY. The plastic cubicle contains a non-flush toilet with a holding tank to contain waste. The collection tank also includes a chemical to deodorize and kill bacteria.

In addition to the toilet and holding tank, a basic portable toilet includes toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Flushable toilets, mirrors, sinks, diaper-changing tables, handrails, bio-degradable products, and shelves are available in upgraded units. Some portable units are wheelchair accessible.

Large luxury units that contain one or more toilets, counters, sinks, upgraded lighting, and heating and cooling are also available.

Portable Toilet Installation

Whether you need a portable toilet for temporary use or the long haul, you can rely on us at Apex Plumbing Solutions for solutions tailored to your unique situation. We will help you determine how many units you need based on the expected number of users and other considerations, such as food and beverage consumption at your event or worksite.

We also will install your portable chemical toilet in the best location while considering the terrain, property layout, and access for waste removal.

Portable Toilet Repairs

If you experience any problems with your portable toilet and suspect it needs repair, call us, and we will respond quickly to diagnose and fix the issue.

Typical problems include leaks, cracks in the enclosure, door lock malfunction, and an obstructed vent pipe,

Portable Toilet Maintenance

A weekly inspection and cleaning are essential for portable toilets. The number of users and the holding tank size determine how often waste is removed to avoid overwhelming the tank.

Our pros at Apex Plumbing Solutions will ensure your portable toilet is clean, well-stocked, and functioning.

Learn More About Portable Toilet Services in Kentucky

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