Our Process in Steel Erecting

After taking your initial inquiry into our services, we’ll move forward with a consultation, find out the parameters of the job, and then give you an assessment of costs as well as our initial timeline. Once all your needs are settled and the necessary paperwork has been done, then we’ll move onto the design process of your framework and steel erection.

Concept Design and Design Factors of Steel Erecting

The design of your building will take a wide range of factors into consideration. For the most part, it’s a matter of combining the primary structure design with the aesthetic needs met with architecture. There is often a wide range of structural forms that meet the requirements of the area you’re building. The practical needs of your building will be weighed first, and then aesthetics in determining the best structural form for the business or residence that you’re constructing.

Some of the other things we consider in your design include:

  • Cost and Speed of Construction — Adjustable to your needs and standards.
  • Building Height Versus Plot Ratio — It’s important not to construct a building with an undersized plot for the long-term stability of your build.
  • Possible Additions — We can erect steel frames for homes or businesses that leave easy routes for growth.
  • Floor Grid and Dimensional Coordination — Taking into consideration factors such as needed structural depth, floor load, air circulation, fire resistance, and sustainability requirements.

Once these and other variables have been thought through, then we can move on with our decisions about frame type, floor systems, etc.

Expectations of Site Work and Timelines for Steel Framing

As with most things in construction, the time frame of your steel erection will depend on a number of factors. The biggest factors usually remain the same. The number one consideration would be piece count — literally the number of pieces needed to erect your steel framing. From there, the cranes that are chosen and the land that you’re building on are two of the biggest factors. Cranes move at various rates and efficiency, and it can be further impacted by things such as soft ground, standing water, and other physical obstacles.

Once your building’s steel frame has been fully erected, all of the pieces have been bolted in and the welding is finished, we can handover the newly erected building for the following tradesmen and contractors.

Use Apex Plumbing For Your Steel Erection Work

When you’re ready to get started on your steel frame, be sure to give us a call for a speedy consultation and quote. We’re sure we can construct a framework to meet your residence or business’s needs in a timely manner, and if you need someone for your new build’s plumbing work then we can help there too!